Monday, 10 May 2010


I had a fabulous trip to Israel - it was fascinating. I was very lazy too and managed to get some rest. I arrived at Fresh Paint and found it incredibly difficult to navigate even though the charming Igal Ahouvi was my host.

However Yifat Gurion spent a quite morning with me and showed me everything. I saw some wonderful art works: many new and up-and-coming and some great talent.

Yifat in front of work of photography by Dror Daum.

Irit Sommers' Kinetic show seemed the most exciting to me.

A beautiful sculpture at Alon Segov Gallery by Sigalit Landau.

The winner of the Igal Ahouvi prize.

On the way to Jerusalem we headed to Bat Yam museum, Wendy Fisher's head stuck in a Will Hunt Sculpture.

On the way to the Israel Museum, I visited a small Museum called the Museum on the Seam, where Ivan Navarro's door was installed.

A work by Philip Rantzer in the show.

The show was called HomeLessHome and the curator, Raphie Etgar, created a wonderful show. Incredibly well-thought show and everything placed to perfection. BRAVO.

Hema Uphadyay, Where the bees suck, there suck I

A large sculpture by Ohad Meromi at the entrance to the Israel Museum.

Then Jerusalem, where we visited the unfinished Museum but incredibly James Snyder pulls it off and manages to invite 500 amazing benefactors from all over the world. The museum, when completed, will be spectacular.

The Girls: Nicole Klagsburg, Hazel Collins, Georgina Cohen, Pamela Crystal, Ayelet Elstein.

Anish's sculpture was magnificent. We all hung out together in the evening in the wonderful old bar, the most special in the world.

Anish and Georgina Cohen


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