Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Back to normal

The world stops revolving and I start to put my feet on the floor after romping around Finland playing with bows and arrows.

We left the boys to enjoy the rest of their residency.

We can all very proudly say we have created our first art barn in Finland, comprising of Asian art from South Korea, Japan and China.

Dave McDermott enjoying the Finnish Cuisine.

Lizzie checking out the Artists' workshop.

Charles Sandison whose work will be in our new show System
atic setting up the arrows.

Nick van Woert trying out his skills with his bow and arrow.

Matthew Day Jackson and I happily enjoying the sunshine and nature.

Back in London Anna-Catharina proudly displaying our new 176 book called The Library of Babel / In and Out of Place, at our book launch which was a success. This book is an amazing insight into the collection.

Visiting Rashid Johnson at his show at Carlson Gallery. Great show - Great artist.
Rashid giving Matthew a peck on his cheek.

Then off to visit Ged Quinn at Anthony Wilkinson. They were both very very happy and Ged's paintings were gems....

On the way to Shoreditch house to eat and meet we dropped by to Michael Landy's and checked out his commission for Louis Vuitton, Tinguely eat your heart out!!!

Then of to a party of incredible proportions: we were treated to a theatre art extravaganza at the opening of Louis
Vuitton's amazing new store. We were sped of to the old Post Office building and were welcomed by a few bellboys showing us five doors to choose from. We chose the one on the right, and through we went - Thomas Dane, Michael Landy, Gillian Wearing and Poju and me - then there were so many weird and wonderful things going on with a deffinite tinge of Goth and Alice in Wonderland.

We were gasping with awe (Punch Drunk at their best). There was no expense spared and the settings were incredible.

Gorgeous little men on shelves you wanted only to take home with you, a pregnant woman giving birth to insects, people making love on a train etc... and more.

Then a brown light bulb-lit room with beautiful flowers and table settings all in LV Brown colours and Donna Summers who was really quite spectacular. I was with the gang and everybody was on form. Many people had made such an effort to look demure, Rebecca King Lassman, Tracey of course and Annie Morris and many beautiful people in the fashion world.

Jane Suitor and Annie Morris

Steve Lazarides and Keith Tyson

Ged Quinn and Anthony Wilkinson

Curiosity creature on shelf (very attractive)

Donna Summers

I dropped by to Peter Kilchman gallery in Zurich where Fabian Marti and Raffi Kalenderian were previewing their show. Both artists were flourishing and both artists are in our collection. Fabian posed for me on his consulting couch!