Monday, 30 November 2009

176 / Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize and Damien Hirst

NOV 23rd and London art scene was buzzing.

Hoxton Square was swarming: on one end at number 20, Alex Delall with his proud grandfather Jack at his side hosted the 176 / Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize.

The other side was Damien Hirst's magnificent and deadly paintings looming down at the young students in the distance.

There were some amazing works in the Future Map show. Sonny Sanjay Vadgama already aquired for the collection, Fred Mercer the filmmaker whose content was quite shocking: a father nabbing his daughter's kidney for money while the audience and child are lulled into a safe fairytale-fed vortex.

Then there is Una Burke who already has orders from Lady Ga Ga, and I of course sent to my NBF Madonna just in case.

The winner of them all we decided unanimously with Nancy Durrant and Jeremy Deller was the video artist Cindie Chueng, who was BA student not even MA. Here's Medeia Cohen introducing us.

It was all very emotional and the alumni were very proud of themselves!

Jeremy Deller

Here's Nigel Carrington, Rector of University of the Arts London, with Cindie and me.

Then off to Mark Hix to meet Tracey and suddenly I am camera shy again. I managed to introduce Rob Diament, Young Pop Star, to Paul McCartney, Old Pop Star.

We drank amazing vodka made in London given by Mark Hix's great new Bar Man, Nick Strangeway.

I met Jay's mum who is, I thought, a beautiful lady.

Roy always looking up to Jay.

Then off to One Marlybone, the big church.

We hung out with Tracey and we danced first with a very pretty lady biologist, then another lady biologist who apparently, according to Louisa Buck, found the DNA of the fruit fly! Whatever that means. Anyway the dancing was very molecular and bonkers!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

November "part deux"

Interesting week, Nick Serota in conversation with Kevin Spacey and Alan Yentob in the chair at Tate Britain. It was incredibly charming.

Then the next evening was BFAMI British Friends of the Museums of Israel. I found myself with a Muntean and Rosenbleum wooden motorbike!!

Anish Kapoor was described as the Master of the Universe. He gave a great talk on abstraction and metaphysics I think, hardly anyone knew what he was talking about but they all still enjoyed it.

There was a fantastic turnout and Oli Barker was auctioneer for the night.

James Snyder and Nick Serota were sat together side by side - this made me very happy to see.

Wendy Fisher was a superb chairman.

Georgina Cohen was bouncing around that father Franky is going to be on telly with Saatchi. Really gutted 176 is not included in Charles' project, I must no longer be his “Queen of Cool”.

Jake has cut his beard off at last I can tell the difference between him and Stuart!!

Then off to Paris Photo and that was fantastico…It started in Palais de Tokyo with the Tate group who were quite happily exhausted they had been on the go for three solid days.

Once again the Finns stole the party: Timothy Pearsons with one of his artists Niko Luoma.

Talking about dying the Deadline show at Musée d'Art Moderne was incredible and I followed Tiffany with her classmates Lauren Tata and Laura Stratford and Mr C to see Albert Oehlen, then Rodin's Thinker.

They finally laid to rest their obsessive hate of Balzac by leaving a secret letter under his big fat belly….

Monday, 23 November 2009


What a lovely week it has been.

We put together a very special dinner at 176 for the Tate Patrons. I think it was enjoyed by all.

The guest list was a great mixture, from the great philanthropist and friend

Candida Gertler,

to Kenny Schachter and Jolana Vaino,

Fatima Maleki, Thomas Dane and the artist David Blandy,

Sir Nicholas Serota and Georgina Cohen.

On Saturday Ryan Gander gave a wonderful talk about STUFF. It was very very interesting. I discovered there is a Clingon and Elf language! Many things I did not know.

Lisson team were out and about. I introduced Louise Hayward, Nick Logsdail and Ryan to Mitch Epstein who was passing through.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

FIAC, New York and London

Lizzie and I headed of to FIAC expecting not too much and we were pleasantly surprised by a great art fair. Both sections were interesting and the galleries had brought the best of the best. It was quite impressive.

Managed to catch Gary Webb installing his wall mirrored piece on Stefania and Jake's stand.

We were so lucky as we managed to strike gold twice we found an incredible installation by Matthew Day Jackson and Rashid Johnson and an amazing suite of Jitish Kallat photographs. I could not believe my luck.

Also we managed to educate ourselves with new works and artists. Finally Palais de Tokyo, and we locked ourselves in a Fridge!

Then of to New York...sadly was there a little too early, before the festivities, but managed to have lunch and tea with Scott and Tracey and their wonderful Glasgow friend David Eustace.

I was their welcoming party and devastated I was missing all the parties in honour of Tracey.. Her show looked amazing! Very uplifting!

Back to London after dropping into Morocco for a very un-art event given by Sol and Heather Kerzner for his opening of his amazing hotel so no photos. Loads of celebs but I did not bother with them really just partied on in my corner was an amazing holiday for me Poju and Olivia.

Now back home and it is November and dropped by the Young BFAMI party given by Nicola Heller and Yasmine Datnow.

DJ artist Richard Parry at the party.

Noga Engler and her son Amos.

And here is the artist Gaby Klasmer.

Then off to the Tate party for Michael Landy where he gave a great dinner and is being interviewed by Judith Nesbitt in front of his work, as Gillian looks on.