Monday, 30 November 2009

176 / Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize and Damien Hirst

NOV 23rd and London art scene was buzzing.

Hoxton Square was swarming: on one end at number 20, Alex Delall with his proud grandfather Jack at his side hosted the 176 / Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize.

The other side was Damien Hirst's magnificent and deadly paintings looming down at the young students in the distance.

There were some amazing works in the Future Map show. Sonny Sanjay Vadgama already aquired for the collection, Fred Mercer the filmmaker whose content was quite shocking: a father nabbing his daughter's kidney for money while the audience and child are lulled into a safe fairytale-fed vortex.

Then there is Una Burke who already has orders from Lady Ga Ga, and I of course sent to my NBF Madonna just in case.

The winner of them all we decided unanimously with Nancy Durrant and Jeremy Deller was the video artist Cindie Chueng, who was BA student not even MA. Here's Medeia Cohen introducing us.

It was all very emotional and the alumni were very proud of themselves!

Jeremy Deller

Here's Nigel Carrington, Rector of University of the Arts London, with Cindie and me.

Then off to Mark Hix to meet Tracey and suddenly I am camera shy again. I managed to introduce Rob Diament, Young Pop Star, to Paul McCartney, Old Pop Star.

We drank amazing vodka made in London given by Mark Hix's great new Bar Man, Nick Strangeway.

I met Jay's mum who is, I thought, a beautiful lady.

Roy always looking up to Jay.

Then off to One Marlybone, the big church.

We hung out with Tracey and we danced first with a very pretty lady biologist, then another lady biologist who apparently, according to Louisa Buck, found the DNA of the fruit fly! Whatever that means. Anyway the dancing was very molecular and bonkers!

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