Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Basel and MORE!

I have just experienced five days of pure art and what total bliss our first stop was.

At Liste we saw some great artists such as Ida Ekblad the hot new artist at Karma International ( I bought a ladder with T Shirt on it), Laura Riboli installation at Wallspace,

Marieta Chirulescu at Micky Schubert: small scanned photos

Richard Previdi large scan photos

Sara Barker sculpture from Mary Mary in Glasgow.

A fantastic sculpture by our home grown Paul MacDevitt shown with Patricia at Sommer and Kohl Gallery.

We liked very much the Gabriel Hartley Paintings and sculptures showing with Foxy.

The work of Jessica Dickenson at James Fuentes was also a new discovery for me.

The works of Diane Malzon

Picture of my legs under an Oscar Tuazon mirrored wall sculpture.

The Big Fair was full of suprises.

Nosy neighbour

The one that got away the American Flag by Banks Violette WOW!

A little child playing on the sand dunes in Agnes Varda's installation.

We acquired work from a young artist in Art Statements. It's by artist Sreshta Premnath and called Zero Knot.

We loved the amazing installation by Michael Beutler in Art Statements. He personaly spent time with us and explained everything about his crazy machines that makes out of paper a sculpture that looks like industrial pipe lines gone crazy.

Simon fujiwara performing in his installation and photo of the porn shelf with big sausages - look in the mirror and see if you can spot the Wilkinson Brothers with FT / TAN's Georgina Adam and Vincent Honore from David Roberts Collection.

Roy bought his second purchase for the collection his first being Jack Strange and now Jay Heikes from Marianne Boesky.

Another great work by David Shrigley at Anton Kern gallery.

Lizzie and I loved the gallery cupboards this year. There were all sorts of little suprises in this one being Karma International with works by Ida Ekbland

Then in this cupboard we found an awesome Gabriel Orozco.

I went for the biggest and brightest work in the art fair. We have been collecting Sterling Ruby's work for a few years thanks to the advice of my art guru Marc Foxx and this work for me was as striking and mysterious as a Rothko.

There was a fabulous installation by Gerda Steinar and Jorg Lenzlinger called the Conference.

Haroon Mirza (who is in our next show called Systematic opening 1st July at 176) also had a wonderful installation in Unlimited.

The lovely Continua Gallery was showing the most wonderful Berlinde de Brukyere.

At Urs Miele we spotted the most perfect Ai Wei Wei

We bought the most fabulous Fabian Marti that will get him off his couch

Andrea Rosen as well as having one of the most innovative booths was wearing the most amazing boots!
She gave the most amazing party at the Beyeler on the Wednesday night. I was so tired I was told I was dancing on the tables but I do not even remember.

What I do remember was walking through the Beyeler and seeing the most amazing Basquiat's and Felix Gonzalez Torres amongst Giacometti's and Picasso's.

It was an awesome sight.

Alexandre De Cunha work was particularly strong I thought and I ended up buying two works as I could not resist.

Gareth Moore who is also in our collection was busy running around with a rock on his back. I tried to catch him but he was running too fast.

We went to Volta art fair and bumped into our old friends Edu Leme from San Paulo and David Risley now living in Copenhagen. He had the most amazing work by Graham Dolphin which is Freddy Mercury's back door. He had copied every detail of Graffitti on the door. He had carved it to perfection and we had to have this work for our collection.

In Berlin we dropped by to the Flick collection at the Hamburger Bahnhof with Roy, Tif and Lizzie.

We were totally in awe and I was very jealous which is unusual for me but a very good sign that I am viewing the greatest collection. I saw many works for the first time that I had only seen in books. Amazing Bruce Naumans, the work Art Make Up which I had only seen at the ICA and then through our own work by Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard: “Kiss My Nauman”.

Lizzie and Tiffany looked particulary attractive in the green light I thought.

The most incredible Paul McCarthy

Coincidently we had dinner with Mr and Mrs McCarthy and their daughter Mary on the Tuesday night at a dinner hosted by Gregor Muir for Hauser and Wirth.

On their stand they had left a bag of rubbish lying around by the artist Christoph Buchel. Last year it was a sock and the year before that a piece of crinkled paper by Martin Creed what next? The bag of rubbish was only 20,000 euros much cheaper than the sock and the paper - a bargain!

The reports were that the Berlin Biennale was rubbish. I just want to report back that I am not sure what they were talking about. If you didn't have the time to watch the films, and were surrounded by friends to talk to then I understand you might miss the subtle but intense works - but we all had the luxury of spending three hours in one building alone and had the most amazing experience.

Hans Schabus's dinosaurs of Europe...

Tears were coming down my eyes twice (this could have been the relief I was not at an art fair) to the works of Avi Mograbi and Fehrat Ozgur.

It was the most amazing show I had seen since the Hayward in the late 90s when I saw the art works of Terry Gilliam, Peter Greenaway, Damien Hirst and Steve McQueen ( I still shiver when I think of the man crawling naked around the floor or was it a dog?)

In the KW building we saw the work of Petrit Halilaj with chickens rockets, white spaces and strange timber structures.

Walking around Berlin in the sun (what a relief after basel and the rain) we bumped into a wonderful British furniture maker called Peter Harvey. His work was very contemporary. He also liked to show other designers apart from himself.

I arrived back home to London and went to a lovely University of Arts lunch hosted by Richard Greer with Leigh Message, Lucy Morris, Robert Devereux, Andrew Williams, Angelica Sule and Medeia Cohen-Petrolino

Then I went to the most amzing evening at Phillips de Pury there were Simon and Michaela were displayed behind one way mirror - they could not see us but we could see them it was very very strange. There were huge platforms of sausages and oysters. I arrived and Roger Bevan, Amir and Don Rubell were there to greet me over the oysters.

Then we all had dinner in bed which was incredibly strange. Demure ladies were hanging around

The singer had the most amazing energy I had ever seen.

Then it was an art installation of cakes galore: each little table had an amazing cake on it. Hundreds and hundreds of tables it seemed it was a sweet fest.

Simon Lee deciding which cake he should go for.

Cambridge Art History student Michael Walker posing beside Daniel Silver sculpture.

Then dancing and of course Simon doing the DJ with one of his friends showing him how to do it.....

The next day I gave a casual out-of-towners lunch for Michaela and Simon at home. They cut their cupid cake in bunny and tiara style.

We had some lovely guests such as Maya Hoffman and Mera Rubell , still in awe from the success of the night before as her daughter Jennifer Rubell had thought up and created the whole concept.

Also were Beth De Woody and Charles Sandison who is busy installing at 176 his amazing installation.

Lizzie had time to be with Albert Oehlen and his lovely wife Esther

Then it was off to the Serpentine to a very private dinner given by the Lebedevs for Wolfgang Tillmans. The show was very thoughtfully laid out. Wolfgang had even changed the shape of one of the galleries to suit his installation.