Thursday, 11 February 2010

January and February 2010

I find myself hosted in the most wonderful settings in Tate Britain seated between Dinos Chapman and David Batchelor. It was a lovely ménage à trois, I have to say.

The Chris Ofili show was spectacular: bursting with colour and energy, I had never seen the likes of. Sadly I don't have his work in the collection, as my other half always had a problem with the Dung thing.

We entered the caverns of the David Adjaye installation and there were laid out before us the most beautiful jewel-like paintings I have laid my eyes on.

I bumped into Ales Ortuzar from David Zwirner talking to the art philanthropist Hazel Collins.

Wendy Fisher having a serious and instense conversation with Louisa Guiness and Ben Brown.

Then we headed off to Camden Arts Centre for a little breath of fresh air as Briony Fer, the curator of this show took us around with Lizzie, Valeria Napoleone and her sister Stefania Prammi, looking magnificent dressed in their wonderful ensembles.

Then it was to the home of Karsten Schubert, who was giving a dinner for the artist Dan Perfect.

This is Dan with the artist Jane Burstyn.

Jack Kirkland looking a little shy.

Matthew Collins GOTCHA and other guests.

Carla Borel from Tim Taylor Gallery

Glenn Brown

Ben Parsons deep in conversation.

Our host, Karsten Schubert

Laurel Nakadate came over to visit us and her work at 176.

We premiered her film Stay the Same Never Change, which was very well received. She was a pupil of Gregory Crewdson, who as well as being a good friend is incredibly well represented in the collection. Laurel is part of my Gregory Girl collection, which includes such Justine Kirland, Anna Gaskell, Dana Hoey etc...

We gave Laurel a lovely Sunday lunch at home.

Darren and Christabel Flook came with their gorgeous four month baby Ludovic.

Then we headed off to 176 where David Blandy gave a performance of Shaolin monks being hit with Baseball bats followed by the film Enter the 36th Chamber. Not really my kind of thing but very interesting.

Monday was John Gerrard's opening at Thomas Dane. The dinner was held at Gordon Watson and it was very special. John had designed the whole evening. He designed the chairs - poor Emily King went crashing hope she has no bruises.

The chairs were inspired by Cuba and he described them as drawings, the cutelry was moulded from goats' bones and he used the shoulders as salad tossers.

He shows the tossers to Michael Craig-Martin...

...and then gives Martine d'Anglejan Chatillon a big cuddle in front of a wonderful Glen Ligon neon.

The guest list included many fabulous people. Francois Chantala had to leave early - sadly his Granny had just died. Kadee and friend receiving a loving kiss from a very happy Gordon.

Tuesday I find myself in Israel planning my daughter's Batmitzvah.

I had time to visit the studio in the countryside on a farm of the artist/photographer LOVKA it was the most beautiful studio I have ever visited.

Now I am on holiday skiing and when I get back we have our opening of The Library of Babel curated by Anna-Catharina Gebbers with the help of our 176 team, Lizzie, Ellen and Maitreyi (and even a little bit me!) The opening is on 25th February and seeing that you made such an effort to check me out the least I can do is invite you to join us on the 25th if you are in town.