Friday, 30 July 2010

Stop-off in London

Back for just 22hrs from Finland and managed to squeeze in Dazed and Confused's
Converse/Dazed 2010 Emerging Artists Award, hosted by Stephen Friedman. There was an abundance of talent gathered around the pavement enjoying the warmth.

Ex Tate art handler Peter Ainsworth won the prize. I was particularly proud of Laura Buckley her piece was spectacular.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Last Blog for the summer... I have had enough now, ready for a break, no more hanging out going to parties visiting studios etc.. I am going to read, run, swim, walk, sauna, vodka and try not to eat to much in Finland.

I went to the Tate summer party, sadly as I arrived I gave a wave goodbye to the very happy organised treacle footed protestesters, they had managed to make many good-willed people who look forward to this event every year (and for some this party is THEIR highlight of the year) a little unhappy as we had a LOCK IN in the Tate Britain on one of the most beautiful evenings and it was very hot.

To finish the most spectacular summer evenings ever I headed on to the Serpentine. The whole world was out in force in the sumptuous Jean Nouvel Pavilion as background the music was blaring and spectacular.

Poju and Rob Hersov

Amir with Rita Tainola-Tapiovaara

Photograph of Christopher Farr and Martine d'Anglejean-Chatillon under an aeroplane in the Divine Duveen Gallery.

Gregor Muir, Louis from Serpentine and Robin Saunders

Jack Kirkland and friends.

Laura Lehman and friend from Continua.

Tracey and Conrad Shawcross

Mr and Mrs Blake snuggled up on a Ron Arad sofa

The show Systematic at 176 curated by Ellen Mara De Wachter turned out to be wonderful. People were coming to me and telling me that the Charles Sandison was the best art work they had ever seen. I was so thrilled to see these eight artists coming to the surface in such a fantastic way. What thrilled me was to see Damien Hirst's two early works “I love You” and “Sometimes I Avoid People”, which were at the time when they were made just like the other seven artists on show, works made by his own hand. And also in this period Damien was an emerging artist which is one of the most important elements of the Zabludowicz Collection.

Our GA Tim standing in front of Damien's work.

The opening was a lovely summer atmosphere about 500 of us. Sausages, Wine and Beer and dancing in the back.

Picture of the boys, Haroon Mizra, Tom Morton, Sean Dack and Giles Round in our garden.

Dave Maclean, our DJ for the night standing next to the Anthony Gormley Sculpture

I had such a wonderful 24hrs in Tracey Emin World in the South of France.

Rob Diament and Russell Tovey posing

Tracey and Russell next to to the pool.

I immediately dozed off and then stumbled upon Tracey and Jay sharing a bottle of wine in the sunset. I think this is one of the most perfect moments I have ever captured?

The party was the most chilled out party I have ever been to in my life. It was on an even keel throughout no highs or lows. Everybody was incredibly mellow and at 4am it was very hard to drag myself to bed.

I lay on the beach and chatted with Lorcan O'Neil and Russell.

Tracey receiving her birthday cake with Jerry Hall at her side.

Scott Douglas and some of the gang.

The next morning Tracey made us all the most perfect breakfast of scrambled eggs and freshly sliced local produce, the most perfect way to finish my visit.

Dave Eustace

Meanwhile back at the ranch at 176 Toby Ziegler came with his team and tested his balloon which for Lizzie, Ellen and I was the beginning of Toby's very daring project to be shown in October.

There was an air of great excitement...

In the evening we headed to Philips de Pury where we were warmly greeted by Michaela, Simon and Mario Testino. The evening was to celebrate Mario photographing Kate Moss by producing the most amazing powerful photographs.

Julia Peyton Jones with a friend admiring Kate

Two hip looking guys admiring Kate

Then we went to a small intimate dinner at Mark's club where I took a photo of Jake Chapman and Daffyd Jones, the photographer.

I was sat on a table with Mario Testino, Donatella Versace and Juergen Teller. Michaela and Simon. Juergen was told off by Phillip Green for smoking at the table. I was for a moment very afraid he might react and Jurgen was incredibly cool about it I thought.

Mario, Donatella and Kate were all deep in conversation. I had never really met her before and she gave me a very firm handshake, and from this I could see she is a gutsy girl, definitely not a pushover.

The next day I headed with Diego Marroquin to the Hayward which was full of splendid suprise. We were enveloped in the installation of the New Decor show and upstairs with Ernesto Neto's show, which was an enriched experience.

And if it all got too much there was a swimming pool and changing cubicles on one terrace and the other terrace there was a sculpture to meditate next to.

Cliff Lauson, curator of the Hayward took us around. Geoffrey Isaac and Catherine Petigas were relaxing in the green of it....

Diego and I hung around in the red tent and art consultant Ann Berthoud played with the drum.

The show itself, The New Decor was a delight. All things for the senses. Was a little disappointed that the settings were not more installations rather than mainly individual pieces but it was still a fun show.

Then with Diego, Catherine and Jen Beller we headed of to the Saatchi and we spent more time studying the British Art. Some of the works were spectacular however the juxtaposition of certain artists in the same hall I found a little unusual. The works of Hurvin Anderson, Ged Quinn and Daniel Silver I thought were spectacular and looked much better without the beds. On our way out I had time to give Charles a big hug and cannot wait for a play date after summer!

ICA came to visit us with Rosie Allerhand who sadly leaves soon we will miss her.

Ron Arad left his mark, now 176 has a permanent art work that will never be removed I hope!