Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A well-suited evening

Congratulations Iwona.
The prince schlepped all the way
to the East End in his formal
attire for you!!
You and the Whitechapel Gallery are amazing.

Last night was brilliant. The story goes - I decided to hold a fundraising auction for Camden Arts Centre the same day and called my friends Jay Jopling, Sadie Coles, Catherine Petitgas, Glenn Scott-Wright amongst others.

Everyone was amazing and all donated the most amazing works, which raised £25k for the Centre! Antony Gormley was dynamic - he even donated a fabulous work. It was Michael Raedecker's birthday but we weren't allowed to tell anyone. Gregor demonstrated to Michael how to play flamenco guitar.

The guests were incredibly generous and totally immersed in a good cause. Mike Davies was the most generous of them all and was wearing the best suit! I liked his suit better than William's! Much more appropriate. Jenni Lomax was a very happy lady.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A big congratulations to Hamish Jenkinson
and Kevin Spacey in their opening of
Tunnel 228!

By Polly Morgan

An actor from Punchdrunk theatre company... I think!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Gainsborough Packet, &c., etc.

Back to 176 and Matt Stokes’s show The Gainsborough Packet, &c. which has been a wonderful experience.

Malcom McLaren came by to check out Club Ponderosa.

Started my travels with Lizzie. We visited my hometown, where Matt was showing. Will Hodgkinson, Sam Lee and Matt posed for me. We girls loved the hair.
Michael Landy and Gordon Watson were having some frivolity at Caragh Thurloe’s party at Mark Hix.

Then off to Berlin for the Gallery Weekend.

Then it was off to meet the artists. Eric Fischel was showing of his work to me.

My lovely friends Stellan Holme and Til Gerhard posing for me at a delicious Italian lunch hosted by Raphael Jablonka.
Then the charming Simon De Pury, and very interesting Anglo/American artist Adam McEwen.

Richard Artschwager, one of the masters of them all sitting on one of his sculptures with his son at Spruth Magers.

Nordenhake were an inspirational gallery. Gyonata looking very zen meditating in our new art work by Miroslaw Balka.

Terence Koh and the new amazing spiritualesque shirt – part of his new major art work, which is awesome. Cannot wait for our shopping trip.

Passed by Katja Strunz’s sister’s new gallery. Wishing them success – loved the marshmallows!
Gareth Moore, our new Canadian artist in the collection.

Bye bye Berlin – see you in September.