Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Berlin 09

176 Community Opening, London - 13 September

We had a fabulous community opening and I was delighted to introduce Brian Boylan to Wolfgang Tillmans. Wolfgang was very happy with the exhibition he brought his
Savvy Aunty from Germany. We had fairy cakes and tea.

Ellen looking very happy with herself.

Ivor and Sarah's Wedding, London

The wedding of Sarah and Ivor. Was a grand affair at the House of Lords.

There were some great guests, Danny Monague (who is great fun), Muriel Salem and Simon Lee.

Berlin, September 2009

Berlin was awesome: there was so much happening in all directions. 176 created a wonderful show with Anna Catharina Gebbers using our video collection. It included some great works.

This is a photo of Catharina in one of her satellite exhibitions, where she made us all give her photos of us. I went a little over the top...

Our home-grown Ben Lewis looks pretty cool.

The fair was incredibly interesting, Jose Freire and Alison Jacques teamed up with each other I suppose Team gallery is named this for a reason. They looked very cosy together.

This is a human sculpture - this poor guy with a stocking over his head.

This is the first Fritzl work by artist unknown. We are probably going to see more of this subject.

Jody Carey, scary and pretty installation in the Berlin one-artist presentations.

The whole Helsinki school including the artist Ola Kolehmainen, who is the master of them all.

After our Graham Dolphin presentation of Star Spangled Banner Recurring, we headed to dinner.

Wendy Fisher and the father of Helsinki school Timothy Persons was there.

Ola Kolehmainen

Sanna-Mari who is riding the waves of Kiasma infront of a neon vagina.

Lizzie and friends including Johan Konig and Sebastian Klemm from Klemms.

We visited the studio of Alex Meschtschanow. The grafitti outside is awesome.

Alex is moving in a fantastic forward direction. He is becoming a master.

But finally congratulations Matt: you have made it! You are a true master. His seminal piece was pure magic, victorian sculptural animation that brings amazing pleasure to the senses. And your squashed flies are the most beautiful scanned photography you have created to date.

Matt Collishaw

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Summer 09

Phew Summer arrives we all escape each other - no more art world and now we can really holiday. But guess what: we are all over the place… just stuck with each other!

I decide to visit my lovely friends Lyor Cohen and Tory Birch in the Hamptons and there is an exhausted Terence Koh in their living room accompanied by a very savvy young man turns out he is Julian Schnabel's son.

Terence Koh

Also lovely Ginny Greenberg and Larry Gagosian and Shala. Larry took me and Roy to their amazing home and we had some wonderful conversation, surrounded by mammoth Richard Serra and Lichtenstein sculptures overlooking the wild Atlantic

Finland was full of suprises. Ivan Wirth moved in next door with Manuella

and the kids they took to Finland like a duck to water.

Volker Diehl also came with his daughter Fanny on his way back from Moscow.

They all loved the cray fish.

We held a board meeting for Kiasma for Bernt Ardell and Raphaela Fostbleum. Some of the members arrived in a flying water plane.

Even my new BF Madonna came with the kids and chilled she loved it and came back for more fun in Italy. By the way her kids are fab. I

know she is not really in OUR art world but she is quite unique and had to be mentioned.

I manage to spend a little time in St Tropez full of contrast: flashy and bohemian living side by side, jumping from the raw to the glizarazia!

I managed to catch up with Tiqui Atencio she was quite amused by all the Hello and Ok, Tatler crowd.

We had a lovely quiet dinner with Simon de Pury, Dr Michaela Nuerenmeister, Tracy Emin and Scott Douglas And another day Simon and Carine Lee.

We dropped by to Ilsplendido in Positano and as we were arriving in this lift in the mountain with a dog hitch hiking a lift their was Isaac Julien and Mark Nash.

Then Dubrovnik for Kevin Spacey's birthday, where we stayed on Richard Carring amazing super yacht -incredibly lavish. We were with Scott and Tracey. David Tang who was most shocked as Tracey turned up naked in David's bed! They both were a little surprised when they awoke few hours later. Note Tracey in her pyjamas and Scott very happy cos he had a good night's sleep.

Then off to Art TLV. We went to book launch of Iris Ryvkind and bumped in to Marie Shek and Nogah Engler.

Great atmosphere.

I hung out with my very secretive collector friend Igal Ahouvi probably one of the most prolific collectors in Israel.

Invited myself along with Simon de Pury - he had all the Jewesses with him they all find him very attractive.

I managed to spill gooey white coconut juice over his suit he politely giggled and thought it was very cute.

Then back to reality the opening of 176 Pete and Repeat - the best show so far!!!

It is a must visit. Ellen and Lizzie and the team excelled themselves on this one.

Ulrich Gebert

Edgar Leciejewski

Swetlana Heger

Best story though is Svetlana Heger in a previous art work.

She signed her name and a random guy tattooed her signature on his bottom and thanks to facebook he turns up in the evening. His name is Jozef Alexis Marlow and guess what: they never met.

Karen Russo, Doug Fishbone, Matt Williams, Keith Tyson

We had a lovely lunch during the day with many

of our new family for the next three months.

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Then in the evening we had a wonderful reception at 176 for about 500 people followed by a party in Spring Studios.

I was very chuffed so many of my friends visited. Keith Tyson had a huge opening in the Parasol Unit the previous day and managed to be with us.


Keith Tyson and Ellen