Tuesday, 24 November 2009

November "part deux"

Interesting week, Nick Serota in conversation with Kevin Spacey and Alan Yentob in the chair at Tate Britain. It was incredibly charming.

Then the next evening was BFAMI British Friends of the Museums of Israel. I found myself with a Muntean and Rosenbleum wooden motorbike!!

Anish Kapoor was described as the Master of the Universe. He gave a great talk on abstraction and metaphysics I think, hardly anyone knew what he was talking about but they all still enjoyed it.

There was a fantastic turnout and Oli Barker was auctioneer for the night.

James Snyder and Nick Serota were sat together side by side - this made me very happy to see.

Wendy Fisher was a superb chairman.

Georgina Cohen was bouncing around that father Franky is going to be on telly with Saatchi. Really gutted 176 is not included in Charles' project, I must no longer be his “Queen of Cool”.

Jake has cut his beard off at last I can tell the difference between him and Stuart!!

Then off to Paris Photo and that was fantastico…It started in Palais de Tokyo with the Tate group who were quite happily exhausted they had been on the go for three solid days.

Once again the Finns stole the party: Timothy Pearsons with one of his artists Niko Luoma.

Talking about dying the Deadline show at Musée d'Art Moderne was incredible and I followed Tiffany with her classmates Lauren Tata and Laura Stratford and Mr C to see Albert Oehlen, then Rodin's Thinker.

They finally laid to rest their obsessive hate of Balzac by leaving a secret letter under his big fat belly….

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