Friday, 7 May 2010



We visit Ryan Gander’s show at Lisson and then the hard-working Toby Ziegler in his studio which we discovered was not far from 176.

We watched Toby and his technicians at work. Something exciting is happening!

Then I head to Rachel Harrison Dinner at the Whitechapel - the place has never looked so vibrant. All the spaces were intimate and full of people in no hurry to leave. Rachel’s show was warm and filled the room beautifully. She however was not willing to let me take her photo and accused me of being a BLOGGER - in a nice way of course.

I sat next to Philippe and he asked me to take his photo so here it is...

I sat opposite Freddy and Muriel, Iwona Blazwick and Andrew Renton on a huge big long table at the Rochelle School.

Coincidently the next evening in Berlin at Andreas Gursky’s dinner I was sat in exactly the same place opposite Muriel and Freddie but this time with Monica Sprüth. The new Gursky work was spectacular - views from NASA Satellites.

I also sat next to Carl Freeman who was very happy that we had acquired Fergal Stapleton’s works and he asked if I would take his photo so here it is...

I dropped by to Haunch of Venison where Damien and Michael Joo were the stars. I bumped into Tim and Sue, Michael Landy (first time in Berlin), Gillian Wearing & Keith Tyson who is getting ready for his Triathlon and is on great form. Damien’s revolting work....flies all over the picnic table - yuck!

Lizzie, Maitreyi, Bernd, Anna-Catharina Gebbers and Christian Ehrentraut - My Anglo-German Gang!

Then they somehow managed to drag me to a the Dice club where everyone was very happy and Marc Almond was singing the night away. I spotted one of his biggest fans.

LA was there in full force Sean Regan, Glenn Ligon, Peter Doig, Steve Hanson and Javier Peres with his dream team. We were all dancing to Rory’s Reggae then to Spencer Sweeney’s ensemble.

I caught up the next day with Hurvin Anderson in the street who only last night we were dancing away with.

We loved the group show that Pavel Büchler had put together at Tanya Leighton Gallery. We bumped into him with Douglas Gordon. I asked Pavel if we could meet again as I really liked him. I reserved a slide show on plastic bags by Sean Edwards.

Martin Klosterfelde showed us his new space an old printers shop still intact Isaac and Freda Uziyel joined us.

We paid a visit to Johann König and the work he was showing was by the artist David Zink Yi - he had created a forest of silver palm trees.

We admired the laid back atmosphere at the Berlin galleries – even on the busy Gallery weekend.

Our highlight was bumping into Tom Burr at Neu Gallery’s MD72 space - it was amazing to meet him and talk about his work. We have recently acquired some of his work for the collection.

Our last stop was to see Sebastian and Sylvia at KLEMM’s where we bought another Alexej Meschtschanow work called ‘Baltic Boy’. A lovely way to finish of our pleasure trip, sadly no time for Museums but we managed to visit over 30 Galleries in 24 Hours...!

Our farewell to Berlin was a naked man emerging from the U-Bahn... Happy Labour Day!

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