Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Great Smiles - April 2010

My impenetrable Israeli Easter bubble has finally burst!

I was celebrating our daughter turning into an adult and we invited a few of our friends to join us in the Dead Sea it was a dream. Now back and buried deep into the art bubble again.
But even in Israel we managed to check out the vibrant and über trendy Tel Aviv art scene.

We headed to Jaffa and after ate an amazing lunch in the harbour amongst the fishing boats: Shifra from Dvir Gallery joined art lovers Simon, Kenny, Jaqui, Daniel, Amir, Lizzie, Arlene, Tiffany and myself. And then off to Dvir gallery where Shifra and her son proudly stand in the midst of works by Abdel Abdessemed and Claire Fontaine.

Then we went to the Dead Sea where Thomas Dane and Paul Pfeiffer show off their mud. I promised Thomas i would not show a picture of him without his hat ... so no mud pictures unless Michael Landy begs me to. (Photo: Richard Braine)

Then back to London and 176, where the Library of Babel is in full swing (extended until 13 June art lovers!). We have had so many excellent guest speakers take tours, which as well as the artists in the show include other volunteers from all walks of life.

Tracey dropped by for a tour with Catharina, Sophie von Hellermann and Alex Heim to talk about her photograph called ‘Good Smile, Great Come.’

Sarah Thornton joined Sue Pearce and Anne Welsh who gave talks on collecting and knowledge - it was very entertaining.

Artist Lora Hristova gave a talk on her favourite artists in the show - it was wonderfully dark in nature.

I went to Dasha’s BRIC tea party at Philips, it was a lovely afternoon, then to Fake Modern at Camden Arts Centre for the Outset Big Rip Off day.

I acquired some bricks by Caragh Thuring and some wool by Katja Strunz. Alex De Cunha gave quite a quirky henna Sierra performance....

Then I went to the wonderful lunch for BFAMI. It is their tenth year and Tracey Emin was the honoured recipient of the Woman in Arts award. She gave the most wonderful talk with Tim Marlow interviewing. Then popped on her top hat and raised many twenty pound notes before picking the winner... me! And nope, it was not fixed.

Tracey could see I did not want to give my beautiful mono print away so she generously donated yet another which went to Pamela Crystal.

Then Graham Steele of White Cube desperately counted the money with the help of his assistant Tim Marlow.

Assistant and Chairman Wendy Fisher with Tracey

Muriel Salem and Georgina Djanogly with Tracey

Heather Kerzner, Tim Marlow and Candida Gertler - giving great smiles.

Later I dropped into the show of Gerry Fox at eleven - the show is very beautiful and an amazing introduction to any collector of Modern Masters who wishes to collect contemporary art.

His few days old little girl also paid a visit to the show...

Then I head of to the Victoria and Albert depositories at Blyth House for the new Artangel project by Judith Clark and Adam Phillips: The Concise Dictionary of Dress.

It is all one big huge mystery that perplexed me from beginning to end, even with Alain De Botton as my walking partner.

Then to Modern Art Inc and the mesmerising show by Nigel Cooke. He gave myself and some ladies a lovely talk on the story of creativity.

Hilary Crisp had created a wonderful show with the help of Graham Hudson. This is a work by RCA student Ed Fornieles. I am wondering if this might influence my younger kids to want to collect?

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