Monday, 12 October 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend I was living the dream. New York, the Big Apple. I am sorry, I have to show off a little. There I was hanging out at the amazing Lyor Cohens birthday party with this new gorgeous rap singer.

Bumped into Dominique Levy from L & M Arts with her big tummy was quite jealous.

Beyonce, Maria Carey, Jay Z etc… then the next day I am dancing with my nbf Madonna and her biggest fan Lady Ga Ga in her leotard and fishnets. Sadly in that music world it is so not cool to take fotos so I did my best.

I saw some great art also but sadly not thriving like our little East End and West End.

However we aquired this amazing Anthony Pearsons at Marianne Boesky for the collection and dropped by to Mark Leckey opening at Gavin Brown and bumped into the midnight DJ Spencer Sweeney.

Visited the New Museum and Peter Fleisig and his two boys Silas and Leo joined us and the great photographer out of thin air Mitch Epstein paid us a visit and showed his wonderful new book to me and Jill.

Back at home it was starting the Frieze festivities. Back to Mat with his show at the Freud Museum.

Lovely picture of my son Liam and Sue Webster.

The same evening the Museum of Everything had opened with many curiosities collected by James Brett - he was extremely happy.

P.S Still get Stuart Shave and Jake Miller mixed up.

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