Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Frieze definitely rocked...

...even if I said in the Culture Show this year was a safe year. It was, but it was still great fun.

Monica Spruth had just managed to discover that John Baldessarri was very tall and I was thrilled as he had permitted me to take his Photo.

Olivia was very proud of herself as she stood under Ryan Ganders amazing continuous project.

There was her picture hung in Frieze for all to see.

Lail Arad and Ron Arad at Frieze.

The very young were being incredibly inspired by what was going on.

Cartier gave a wonderful party at Scotts for Frieze and I managed to capture a rare photo of Louisa Buck, who happened to be chatting with Ryan.

Thursday was Zoo day and we sold our editions for 176 - we had such great fun.

Also I managed to find a few great art works by David Haines, George Young, Neil Hamon and Clunie Reid.

Well done Soraya! You are an unsung hero in London.

Also we bumped into the curator Rob Tuffnell, coming out of a very dark corner, we are convinced he is a Nocturnal.

Friday morning was a fabulous time for the unsung heroes of the art world, the artists to shine.

Kay Saatchi with David Blandy and the winner of the Channel 4 New Sensations Oliver Beer. We bought his amazing work for the collection.

The lovely Lancaster sisters from Up North both as equally talented as each other.

We started at Raqib Shaw's on Saturday, where I found myself, eyes squeezed shut being pushed six foot into the ceiling on his Fragonard swing then our feet being nibbled by gold fish in the pretty fountain pond. Later, we paid a visit to Maureen Paley's party.

Vincente Todoli, Norman Rosenthal and Jeffrey Deitch were witness to my demise.

Nun at the door handing out leaflets for the Museum of Everything.

Joe La Placa from All Visual Arts had achieved a great job with The Age of Marvellous. A new Saatchi has been born perhaps?

I loved it not sure if I wanted to own any of it. I must say as a collector I was stumped, I was neither critical or wanton just having fun enjoying the Sensation of Effect!

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