Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Into the New Year...

This year we had an amazing Christmas party for 176 and the Collection at HIX in Soho.

Mark and I share our birthday - sadly he got run over by a bus and was somewhat in pain but he gave me a beautiful silver goblet to drink the homegrown English south coast Vodka from.

DJ Tom Richards was amazing - he even threw in a few old-people songs for me.

My team gifted me a beautiful poem written by the lovely Lail Arad.

Artists Haroon Mirza and Laura Buckley.

Rosie Allerhand, Rob Diament, and I.

The Wilkinson brothers and Bruce Haines and Harriet Quick.

Sam Lee and his new guy getting it together...

George Young with Graham Hudson (Great artists. Great dancers)

Before we all headed to NY, we dropped into MOT to be photographed by Heather Cantrell.

Then we dropped by to see Mustafa and his new statues, entitled The Ruins.

Then off to New York and the JUDD foundation where we were made to feel most welcome.

We discussed a female interpretation of the masculinity of Donald Judd with Donald’s daughter Rainer and Barbara Hunt McLanahan showed us their wonderful Judd furniture.

With Jane Hamlyn and all the girls at Teen Vogue.

Then dropped into a couple of galleries.

At Andrea Rosen’s we purchased a lovely work by the artist Erik Wysocan and admired the work of William J O’Brian at Marianne Boesky.

Spencer Sweeney welcomed me into his installation where he was painting a self-portrait a day.

Then St Barth’s. So many successful collectors, artists and art dealers go there to play. It was quite a scene. I found it quite fascinating that not one person apart from Peter Brandt and Vito Schnabel spoke about art.

Tony Shafrazi was the only one out there working his butt off , showing the beautiful paintings by Jason Bereswill in his pristine pop-up gallery.

Larry Gagosian and Shala Monroque gave a beautiful wedding party in their gorgeous new home built by Christian Liaigre. The wedding was for an exuberant Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo. They both looked incredible with a cake to match!

Next thing we were all dancing the night away in front of Gwen Stefani at Dasha and Roman's spectacular New Year's Party. It was the best New Year we ever had.

On our way home Robin Vousden (with broken arm) and Pauline Karpidas dropped Roy and me off in Miami, we headed to visit Mera Rubell and she gave us a private tour - it was totally fascinating.

We camped out in front of her Mark Handforth Motor Bike.

Then home sweet home and to London Art Fair where we were exhibiting our editions and selecting some wonderful photographers for them to show. I enjoyed London Art Fair, it was friendly and not overwhelming and also a pleasure to see Modern British and contemporary under the same roof.

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