Thursday, 11 June 2009

Partying in Venice!

Peter Fleissig and artist Ross Lovegrove with art conservator who were all university buddies together. I bumped into them at Miuccia Prada's party for the opening of her show of John Wesley's work.

Checked out the Distortion show, curated by James Putnam, where Black's bar had commissioned a number of works including this one:

We had a few guests:

Veronika Wolff with Lizzie and Tereza Buskova

Alex Heim with Anna Catharina Gebbers

Robert Devereux and me

The Gavin Sisters with Rob Diament

Here is Martin Boyce with his wife Sheila and Stuart Evans

Lizzie and Alex in Blue!

Gatecrashers one the docks - were also welcome to the collection party.

Mary Moore, Anne Berthoud and their friend.

Sharon Alouf and Yana Peel in Orange!

Rob Diament with Philippa Horan and friend.

Amir Shariat and Ziba De Weck hanging out in Venice.

Here's Steve McQueen with his lovely mum, who was wearing a beautiful silver dress and tiara the previous evening.

Miles Thurlow with his son Alfie!

Victoria Siddall and Cindy Dawood.

Berndt Ardell and friend.

Venice Baby

Ellen and Francois Chantala from Thomas Dane Gallery.

Some dead and dying people by Jan Fabre.

Sarah Wang, from Creative Industries Agency.

Made friends with some ladies from Afghanistan, they are creating a pavilion next year.

Here is Ivor Braka and Virgina Ibbot in tete-a-tete.

My lovely Isaac Julien with Sean Regen.

Glenn Ligon and Thomas Dane after celebrating at Steve's party hosted by Thomas.

Frances Upritchard showing some of her work at the New Zealand pavilion. Thumbs up from me!

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