Monday, 27 April 2009

Armory - Volta - Israel - London

Last weekend, we were at the Cologne art fair. The highlight was the 'Dark Fair', where Leo Koenig was burning money and some scary dj was walking around.

Back in London, we dropped by to visit Gary Webb in his studio - showing off and shining his new knuckle-duster sculpture, which will be travelling all the way to New York to show at Stephanie Bortolami.

Then went upstairs and visited Martin Westwood in his studio. He showed around, and I saw how his inner mind works.

Visited for the first time Alistair MacKinven. I had only seen his work once before in a show that Matt Williams curated. I think this could be a new discovery for our collection.

Went to Israel - the highlight was visiting Michal Rovner in her home, where she has proudly created a small sculpture of 'Macom', which in old Hebrew means 'space'. Her environment was very spiritual and reminded me of our home in Finland.

Back in February, we went to the Armory fair in New York. The galleries were playing it very safe - nothing too daring out there. But it was definitely interesting and worth the journey.

I bumped into Harry Lubtke and Mattias Weischer from Eigen + Art.

Also wonderful Irit Somner with her new art installation in her arms. Michael Jackson's new tribute work: Roy.

Volta fair was by far the most intrepid of all the fairs: i.e. naked ladies lying around on beds of wool.

Here's space-age Kenny Sharf, offering me a free ride around New York in his Jetsons-style car.

Our new discovery for the collection: Francesca Di Matteo and her gallerist Jeanne Greenberg from Salon 94.

After a busy night we ended up residing at Pace, and checking out John Bock's wacky performance.

It's good to see that art is still for everyone at pace, with Olaf Nicolai's OpArt stickers!!

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