Thursday, 12 March 2009

December 2007

3 - 7 December 2007

Miami Art Basel

Sunny Miami WOW warm blue sky, blue sea and art fair after art fair, 22 to be exact!
Is the art fair becoming the Disney Mecca for the adult?
I have to say I did feel like a child let loose in a never-ending toy shop.

However, on a more serious note Lizzie and I were not too overwhelmed by it all and managed very well. We stayed focused and managed to work methodically. We also partied really well too. The best moment was sitting on the skate board platform by the beach eating our hamburgers after six hours of art fair, sitting with my guru Marc Foxx and having the proud pleasure of introducing him to Neil Hamon, Damien Roach and Meredith Sparks. We bought a cool Meredith Sparks poster installation at NADA and a wonderful Elliot Hundley hanging sculpture in Miami Art Basal.

We went to a most colourful party with white Cube and Jay Jopling where Soho House set up the whole extravaganza on the beach. Everyone was showing off what they bought. One man got very offended because he would not tell … he said something about client privacy so I told him jokingly he should go home. He did. I felt quite guilty but he really had no sense of humour. I missed Javier Peres’ after party featuring naked woman and bagfuls of dollar bills.

Sadly we had to say goodbye after just a few days and left the Miami sunshine for the snow and a short stop off in New York. We visited Richard Floods New Museum. The art was spectacular and the space was interesting. Then we went to the American Girl Doll shop which was wow a MUST GO art installation in itself!

We got back to freezing cold London and to the warm refuge of 176 where many visitors were still flocking to see the last days of An Archaeology. We all celebrated our first leg of 176 with a wonderful evening at Soho House in the East End, it felt like we had taken a day trip back to New York.